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The Crypt Bar

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Unlike your average local, our pub, The Crypt, invites you to enjoy a truly unique experience. Tucked away in our medieval vaulted chamber, lit with a candle-like ambience, you'll be warmly welcomed by the sound of gregarious banter, chatter and revelry from the moment you step through the door.

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Bottoms up

Add to the mix a hearty stock of Northumbrian ales  – including our very own ‘Lord Crewe Brew’ on tap. Throw in a rather thoughtful selection of cracking wines. Top with a good few measures of highland whisky, then spice it up with a Geordie cocktail or two and there we have it: the finest free house for miles around.

Oh and not forgetting of course, Chef's ‘Bar Bait.’ Otherwise known as Northumberland tapas, it fills up our trusty black board with hearty snacks daily.

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